Friday, November 5, 2010

Sergei "Bob" Bobrovsky - Who is this kid?

Sergei Bobrovsky was just some random Russian kid to about 90% of the hockey world before this year. Now, he's pretty much loved by all Flyers fans. Bob has 5 consecutive starts and the Flyers are on a 5-game winning streak. Coincidence? No way in hell. This kid is insane!! He's posting a .921% save percentage and a 2.23 GAA. These numbers aren't too impressive, but when you consider the fact that he is a 22 year old rookie who can barely speak a few words of English, I'd say that's pretty damn good. In Philly, the fans opinion of a player is almost just as important as the coach's, and right now the fans are 100% behind this kid. Is Bob gonna be the answer to our goalie struggle? Can we turn this young, relatively unknown Russian player into a franchise goalie? I sure hope so.

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